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In Summer Styles: Cowboy Hat for Him

It is the inherent desire of any individual to appear attractive. Clothes and accessories play a key role in enhancing the physical appearance of a person. Hats are used extensively throughout the world as accessory items. They can also act as an ideal gift on birthdays or anniversaries.

The cowboy hats are identified by their raised crown and wider brim. These hats were first used in United States, Canada and Mexico and were generally related with the cow boy culture or ranch workers in North America. These hats are now extremely popular throughout the world. During the classic era of Hollywood these hats were flaunted by matinee idols like Tom Mix and William S Hart in popular movies. After being used extensively till 1940’s these hats became unpopular during the next few decades. But in the recent years, these hats have acquired a large customer base.

The Dekota   The cattleman

Generally made from fur, straw or leather, these hats can be customized by creasing the crown and rolling the brim. This is done by applying hot steam, reshaping, drying and then cooling These hats have an inner sweat band for calming the head and a hat band in the outer body for ornamentation. Stampede strings or wind strings are also generally attached for beautification.  These hats are available in beige, brown and black colors. Bows or buckles are usually stitched for decoration on the left side. The bow stitched on the internal hatband at the rear resembles the skull and crossbones.

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