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Sunny Days With Your Favorite Cool Hat

Even if you are among those summer people who like tanned skin and sunbathe, sun rays can be annoying at times. Beaches are good, but you don’t want sun to follow you everywhere, would you? We, at HatHunter have come up with the right solution to this very problem and offer you a variety of cool hats to choose from. These summer hats not only prevent you from harsh summer rays but also add an element of style to your summer outfit.

Here’s the scoop on what type of hats you are more likely to come across during summers:
Baseball cap: Nothing cooler than a baseball cap! Whether supporting your favorite sports team or taking your dog for a short walk around the block, a baseball cap can rock any look and any style. Available in almost all colors and sizes, these hats are nothing but chic.
Baseball Hat
Fedora hats: Ordinarily available in plain and textured prints, these hats are pinched in the front and well creased down the crown. Earlier fedora hats were worn by men, but today these hats have become a fashion and status symbol among women as well. Whether worn with a casual t-shirt or with a suit, this hat is surely to add charm to your personality.

fedora hat

Straw hat: Made of straw or reeds, these hats act as a perfect ventilator and sun ray resistant. These summer hats usually come with a brim and have become one of the favorite beach and holiday accessories.

straw hat

Cowboy hat: Inspired from North American cowboys, these hats have earned the status of the most fashionable summer accessory. Worn by both men and women, the cowboy hats are mostly available in hues of brown, cherry and black. We showcase our entire cowboy hat collection on our website giving you a perfect platform to browse through size, brands and price range.

Cowboy hat collection

Wide-brimmed hat: If you are looking for a unique yet sophisticated hat to wear to a wedding then wide brimmed hat is just the ticket. Available in both bold and light shades, these hats offer a sense of royalty and nothing less.

wide brimmed hat

In addition, there are many other summer caps like bucket hat, flapper hat, that you are more likely to encounter while summer shopping. To check out and order cool summer hats online, visit

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Bucket Hat – A Casual Fashion Now In Demand

Every individual irrespective of his age or sex desires to appear presentable. Hats are considered a popular fashion accessory. They are also worn at times for protection and as a pointer of a person’s social and economic status. There are numerous types of hats available in fashion stores. Different people have different preferences when it comes to choosing hats.

Bucket hat                       vd_bucket_denim_black

A soft cotton hat with a broad and downwards sloping brim is known as a bucket hat. It is preferred by both men and women. The brim acts as a protection for the face against the rampaging sun. These hats are produced from heavy-duty cotton fabrics like denim or canvas. These hats are usually ornamented with two metal eyelets on each side of the hat thus making them ideal for usage on hot days.

The bucket hat was first designed in Ireland and mainly utilized by fishermen and farmers as a shield against the rain. Later it was popular among the English upper classes while pursuing walking, hunting and fishing. The significance of these hats could be gauged from the fact that is an important part of the traditional Irish folk costume along with the flat cap, grandfather shirt and Aran sweater These hats could be folded and kept inside a coat pocket while pursuing the above mentioned facilities. These hats are also preferred by glider pilots throughout the world. Being extremely elegant these hats have been flaunted by many popular actors in various movies.

In the contemporary scenario these hats are extremely popular around the globe.  In different countries around the world, these hats are known by different names. In UK, this hat is also known as Reni hat after the famous English rock drummer who patronized it. In USA, a hat very similar to this hat is a part of the official dress of the Navy. In Australia, bucket hats are called giggle hats. In Israel, it was popularly worn by Rafael Eitan, a famous general and politician, so is referred to as Rafael hat. A hat very similar in appearance known as Tembel is the national hat of Israel.  In Sweden, this hat is called Beppehatt after the renowned Swedish author who patronized this hat.

These hats can certainly add that something extra to your appearance and make you appear attractive.

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