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Tips for Buying Cowboy Hat 

on December 13, 2013

A cowboy hat is a kind of staple piece in any cowboy or cowgirl’s wardrobe. These cowboy hats are made up of different materials, with the most common being felt, straw, wool, leather and a beer box. We at HatHunter offer you an extensive collection of trendy cowboy hats online, varying in price, quality, type and style.

  Cowboy hat collectioncowboy hat

A cowboy hat is an item of both functional value and style quotient. It is known to be very effective for protection against sun and rain exposure. When choosing a cowboy hat, you must consider the following points:

  • Decide on what type of cowboy hat you want as there is a large variety:

Wide brimmed hat Straw cowboy hat Flocked cowboy hat Gambler’s hat

  • You should be clear in your mind as what material of cowboy hat will serve your purpose, for e.g. Felt hats are best for winter season while straw hats are more suitable for spring and summer season. Also choose the appropriate hat if you want to ride a horse.

  • It is advisable to get your head measured accurately before you pick up a cowboy hat for yourself. This can be done using a soft tape and taking someone else help, if required.

  • Also determine the shape of your face that can differ from round oval, long oval, regular oval to square, before you choose on a hat for yourself.

  • The X factor represents the quality and durability of the hat. This means higher the X factor, the finer quality it has. The price of the hat depends largely on the X factor.

  • Go through the entire catalogue of cowboy hats before finalizing any one, as there may be many options that you are not aware of.

  • Also the colors of these hats should be chosen as per the function of it. These hats are available basically in white, black, brown and silver colors, with light colors preferable for the rain.

  • Do not buy a hat without considering its shape and size. The brim size & shape, crown size & shape, crease size & shape, are amongst few of the main parameters to be considered before you select a cowboy hat for yourself.

The cowboy hat should be snug and not tight as tight hats can even cause you a headache. At Hat Hunter, we provide you with a wide variety of hats to choose from.


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