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on November 23, 2013

Ralph Lauren Corporation is a famous company located in United States of America involved in designing and marketing accessories, perfumes and home fittings for customers all over the world. This company was founded by Polo Ralph Lauren, a renowned American designer. There are various sister brands of Polo Ralph Lauren i.e. Ralph Lauren Black Label, Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Ralph Lauren Blue Label among others. But Polo Ralph Lauren is the most prestigious brand of the company. There are also some subsidiary brands of the company like Club Monaco, Chaps, American living etc.All the products offered by Ralph Lauren Corporation are marketed under the portfolio of different brands.

The history of the RL Corporation commenced with the launch of men’s ties, Polo Ralph Lauren in 1967. By 1969, Polo Ralph Lauren opened a boutique store. He then launched a line of suits for women that were tailored in a traditional men’s style. These suits sported the first Polo emblem. The logo was located on the cuff of the women’s suit. In 1971, Polo Ralph Lauren further enhanced his business by launching the first women’s collection of apparel, Hats & Accessories. The first separate store was launched at Beverly Hills, California. After conquering the American market the company entered Europe by launching its first store in New Bond Street, London in 1981.

Ralph Lauren Polo Player Hat      Baseball Hat
Hats are a popular accessory item among both men as well as women. They have been in use since the ancient times. They are not only used for protection against weather but also for enhancing appearance. In the good old days hats were a symbol of the social status of a person. Hats are also an essential part of the military uniforms of most of the nations around the world. offers excellent quality fashionable hats at reasonable prices. Their Ralph Lauren Polo hat is made from tan cotton. This hat is very similar to a baseball hat. It is ornamented with an embroidered black polo player. It has an adjustable leather strap back. All the caps offered are of one size. There are no extra charges for home delivery. In order to buy Ralph Lauren Polo Hats online from Hathunter you must visit the website.


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